Saturday and Sunday, July 14 & 15, 2018

Workshop Registration

This is a two day workshop that is PPA approved. Anyone attending Judy Reinford's program will receive a merit if they are members of PPA. Also, members of PPA or PPNEO can sign up at the "member" rate. All others will need to register under the "non-member" rate.

"Member" special: $198 (includes lunch both days).

"Non-member" rate: $278 (includes lunch both days).

Please click on the button below to sign up for this workshop.

List of recommended equipment:

1. Computer, desktop or laptop

2. USB connection (new Airbook does not have this). Need for class files.

3. Mouse or tablet required (trackpad will NOT be useful).

4. PS 2018 or later. Make sure you have the SPATTER 59 pixels brush

5. NIK (NIK is now part of DXO)

6. Topaz Impression (optional)

7. Extension cord in case you need it.